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The gateway location of Casa Del Caballo Blanco encourages exploration of the natural and cultural wonders of Eastern Belize and Western Guatemala.

While at Casa del Caballo Blanco your on-site host is Mr. Baldemir 'Ricky' Manzanero, who is also the proprietor of Aves Discount Tours and one of the premier birding guides in Belize.  Mr Ricky, a licensed tour guide,  can guide and/or arrange excursions to all of the destinations and activities listed below - please contact him at [email protected] or through his web site which is located at or call him at 011 501 667 5424.

Archaeological Site tours
Immense citios, the socio-religious-politico centers of the Mayan Empire surround Casa both in Belize and in neighboring Guatemala.  Each site is a unique experience providing the traveler indelible memories – we can help you arrange your exploration of sites in Belize:

  • Lamanai, Orangewalk
  • Cahal Pech, Cayo
  • El Pilar, Cayo on the Guatemalan border
  • Xunantunich, Cayo,  
  • Caracol, Cayo  
  • Access to the World Heritage Site of Tikal in Western Guatemala
  • Enchanting Yaxha-Topoxte

Birding Tours
Casa provides opportunities for the novice and advanced birder.  Let us assist you in developing individual tours or birding packages that provide the opportunity to view specific birds or groups of birds in the varied eco-tones of the region.

Cave Tours
To the Mayan, caves were the entrances to the underworld, Xibalba. Mayan knowledge and use of the cave systems is evidenced by the pottery, cave paintings and burials often encountered upon discovery.  Casa can assist you in an itinerary that might include a visit to:  -

  • Rio Frio is the largest - a half mile long, with a breathtaking arched entry way.
  • Barton Creek -  The canoe trip into Barton Creek Cave is a mile long,
  • Che Chem Hah -  Toured on foot a trip through the cave, some 820 feet in depth, involves accessing ledges and passageways by ladder and rope assisted climbing.
  • Caves Branch, on Caves Branch River, combines cave exploration on foot with tubing.
  • Actun Tunicll Muknal "Cave of the Stone Sepulcher," combines hiking, wading and in some cases swimming.

River Activities and Water Falls
Flowing east from Guatemala, the Mopan River joins the Macal River at Branch Mouth, just north of San Ignacio town, to become the Belize Old River. An extensive network that connects the entire country from the highlands to the ocean the rivers were once a principal means of transportation.
Today the rivers are a window on the country's biodiversity, and modern landuse.

Macal River and Tributaries
From its watershed high in the Maya Mountains the Macal River flows westerly
then north to its confluence with the Mopan.  

  • A canoe trip is a relaxing and fun way to experience the Macal River Valley; let the river transport you through dense jungles on its way to a take-out in San Ignacio Town. The adventure enthusiast can arrange for kayaking and white water rafting, with rapids up to class IV(seasonal) higher up the river.
  • Five Sisters Falls (Seven Sisters Falls), and
  • Big Rock Falls on Privassion Creek, or the
  • Rio On pools, both tributaries to the Mancal are beautiful places to relax beneath a waterfall, swim in the pools and enjoy the sun.

 If you enjoy repelling, ask us about an excursion to the falls of Bocawina National Park in the Stann Creek District.

In San Ignacio swimming, wading and tubing are available at the wooden bridge
that connects Santa Elena and San Ignacio. A fun place to swim with the locals, buy fresh
food to enjoy on the beach.

Mopan River
A trade route for the Maya and primary commercial waterway when mahogany and chicle were the primary products exported from Belize (then British Honduras), today the Mopan is a focal point of agriculture and tourism. Flowing north and east from Guatemala the Mopan River passes the Mayan site of Xunantunich, joins the Macal River at Branch Mouth becoming the Old Belize River. Dense stands of riverine forest give way to open agricultural fields.

This entire segment of the river can be traveled in kayak or raft, and long sections are suited to canoeing; this is an ideal means to visit the villages of Benque Viejo, Succotz, Bullet Tree Falls and Santa Familia, or to view the wildlife of Belize particularly the avifauna.

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