Dining at Casa del Caballo Blanco is an adventure among the various cultures that have peopled the western portion of Belize. Experience Mayan food prepared in centuries old Kekchi, Mopan and Yucatecan traditions, creole foods combining exotic Hispanic and Caribbean flavors; all with foods grown and prepared locally by Belizeans.

Breakfast and dinner are served daily in our thatch-roofed dining room constructed in the same style as the cabana accommodations.  Please note that dinners must be requested in advance.  Foods obtained from local growers, the gardens of Casa del Caballo Blanco, and the local marketplace are prepared fresh daily. To learn more about the menu and the traditional dishes prepared for your pleasure please continue reading below.

Meals and Dishes

The flavors of Belize are as varied as the people and customs that have woven the tapestry of its foodways. The abundance of the Caribbean is the highlight of the food available along the coast. On the interior, in Western Cayo, the kitchens look to Mayan, Hispanic and Creole cooking traditions. Casa's kitchen has borrowed from each and the food is as colorful and varied as the vibrant Guatemalan textiles that grace our tables.

Breakfast at Casa del Caballo Blanco is typically served early to accommodate the guests departing on tours and day-trips. Hot Guatemalan coffees, an excellent start to the day, or teas of your choice are available at sunrise. Breakfast includes fresh fruit juice, made on site, and fresh fruit from local growers or from Casa's own gardens, such as apple-bananas from the plantation just beyond the dining room.  Each morning the cook prepares either fresh flour tortillas, Johnny cakes (a flour biscuit), or fry-jacks the Belizian version of the sopapilla -to accompany eggs and sausage, bacon or ham. A Belizean breakfast is not complete without refried black beans, often referred to as 'Belizean chocolate'.  Breakfast is complimentary with each nights stay for all members of the party.

Lunches will be prepared for guests participating in day trips to the interior where food may not be available. Typically, tours and day trips provide lunch to participants or provide an opportunity for guests to sample the local fare.  Lunches are available with advance request and are $11.75 usd with a 10% Service Charge.

Dinner greets the guests of Casa in our beautiful dining room adorned with hand-selected Guatemalan textiles, and cooling breezes from the river valley.  The evening meal is an opportunity to share the varied cuisines of Western Cayo with our guests - from its Creole traditions national dishes such as - stew beans and rice with chicken, pork or beef, moist and tender- made colorful by the essential addition of red recardo, a paste made from anato (achiote), garlic , black pepper, cominos, onion, vinegar.  The evening meal is table d'hote (table of the host), each nights offering being prepared at the cook's, Ms Graciela Obando, discretion from seasonally available foods. Dinners are $19.35usd  per person with a 10% Service Charge and must be requested in advance.

The Mayan influence offers Pork Pibil, a blending of oranges, limes, achiote and peppers, slow roasted in banana leaves, Caldo, or Che Chak, a simple fish soup with lime and oregano. The Hispanic heritage of Cayo is found in the salbutes Yucatecos, with chicken, garnaches with beans and cabbage, tamales and sopa de escabeche. Each meal is complimented by fresh salad or coleslaw, fresh bread or tortillas. Dinner in Belize is often accompanied by one of the countries own beers, Belikin regular or stout, or the Belikin light beer "Lighthouse".

Deserts are prepared in our own kitchen or obtained locally and include bread pudding, tres leches cake, lemon cake, rum cake.  A piece of cake, or maybe some fruit, but something sweet to eat with hot coffee or tea is a nice way to end the day.

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